Historical of the Auberge Villa Bellerive

In 1895, the priest Labelle sent Joachim Gagnon, carpenter, with his wife and their five children to Lac Nominingue to establish a new diocese. Upon his arrival, the Gagnon family began building the Villa Bellerive and built the Jesuit monastery.

Then, in 1905, with the arrival of the Le P’tit Train du Nord railway, Mr. Gagnon converted his residence into an inn. The auberge’s dock was the starting point for many cruises on the lake. During the Saint-Jean Baptiste festivals and the official inauguration of the “Cooperative des Colons du Nord” in 1906, excursions were organized. Two schooners were available for excursionists. They made a stop at the Villa Bellerive before beginning the return journey “(Guide of interpretation of the Linear Park).


In 1922, the Villa Bellerive houses meetings for the municipality councils as well as the post office. The inn carried the names of the owners, who succeeded Gagnon, the Hotel Boyer and Hotel Léger.

During the 1930s, the P’tit Train du Nord brought a clientele to the Laurentians. The Boyer family, owner at the time, adds a tennis court and was known for its food and its activities of hunting and fishing.

In 1954, Roger Léger, former Montreal Canadiens player, acquires the establishment that will bear his name. He began major renovations; The hotel becomes the focus. In summer, groups of musicians shook the whole region.

Fast speed boats (régates), boxing, wrestling and tennis tournaments organized by the well known host entertain and attract renowned personalities like Maurice Richard and Edward Carpentier.


Following the death of Mr. Léger in 1965, the inn was sold and the new owners went bankrupt. In 1970, the sister of the late hockey player, Céline Léger, and her husband Claude Massé bought the hotel.

After more than a year of major renovation, the Léger hotel reopens its doors to the delight of the residents and tourists around the lake.

In 1980, with the laws against drunk driving and the arrival of discotheques, the hotel was transformed into a rental unit.

In 1993, Yvon Massé and his wife Cécile bought his father’s hotel and restored it to its former vocation. It is the owner who welcomes you warmly since that day.